Maurice Storrer Quartet

The Maurice Storrer Quartet is a jazz quartet around the young tenor saxophonist Maurice Storrer from Schaffhausen, which was founded in spring 2022.

The MSQ refers to the mothers and fathers of jazz and continues the story in a time when it is not yet so certain whether and to what extent music composed and played by people will still be relevant in the near future.

Big Band Zug

The Big Band Zug was formed in 2003 from the members of a project for young jazz talents. 

The 18-strong jazz orchestra, made up of ambitious amateurs, music students and professional musicians, moves in a broad stylistic spectrum from classic big band swing to funk, soul and latin to contemporary music.

MONO Mochi

Mono Mochi is an indie/slow wave band with five well-known faces from the Lucerne music scene. Founded in autumn 2022, Mono Mochi consists of drummer Simon Hafner, brothers Roger (git, voc) and Tino Schaffner (b) and Bavarian Jacob Sur (git, voc).

The live setting is supported by Meret Siebenhaar (keys, synth) and thus completes the sound that the four musicians have established over the past several months through intensive rehearsals, songwriting and studio sessions.